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Proof of Ghosts?
By Thomas Shea

We all know of at least one person who claims to have had an experience with ghosts or the paranormal. Most people toss these experiences up to the overactive imagination. However, it seems that people have been having these experiences for centuries and without explanation.

With modern day technology, present day ghost hunters have managed to capture some amazing things on film and audio. Pictures, video and audio recordings known as EVP have surfaced at an alarming rate.

Granted, the same technology that allows for the capture of this evidence, also allows for modern day hoaxsters to create their own. This is an unfortunate situation, because it tends to discredit the entire field and lessen the value of real evidence. People have an automatic reaction of disbelief when given the chance of witnessing some of this evidence.

Fortunately, these occurrences could care less whether someone believes or not and continue to happen, giving us the chance to capture even more startling evidence.

The purpose of this article is not to argue the validity of the current proof of ghosts or evidence that already exists. Rather, it is to discuss undeniable science and see how it could apply to ghosts and the paranormal. The main thing that I would like to discuss is thermodynamics.

The laws of thermodynamics are considered to be some of the most important laws in physics and are as accepted as the laws of gravity. When looking at these laws, we can start to see that maybe science has already provided proof that ghosts could in fact, exist.

The first law of thermodynamics states: "Energy can neither be created or destroyed. it can only change form." This basically says that energy does not die, it simply changes form. it also says that there is a constant amount of energy within our universe at all times.

Think about it. If energy has been proven by science to be indestructible, but have the ability to change form, then what happens to the massive amount of energy that makes us who we are, when our bodies cease to function? This is something very interesting to think about.

Could this basic law of physics explain the existence of ghosts? Could it explain the voices recorded on a regular basis that were inaudible at the time of recording? The misty apparitions or mysterious movement of objects? The human soul?

I am not a physicist by any means, but by looking at this very important law, using a common sense approach, it seems as though these occurrences should be taken more seriously that they often are. Granted, people will say that our body becomes fertilizer and food for bugs and that is how our energy changes form, but take a look at yourself.

Think of the amazing power of the human brain and body. Is this really a fair trade? Personally, it makes me want to take a second look at the current proof and evidence of ghosts. I hope that you have read this article with an open mind and will continue to question the unknown. Curiosity is the mother of all scientific fact. Whether we are right or wrong today, our curiosity will one day become undeniable scientific fact.


For many the first and most obvious question come to mind.....
Where to begin looking???

In many small towns and rural areas the local library and the courthouse should be good sources of information. The library will have many newspaper articles and often some books on past residents and their activities.

The local courthouse will have police and court records, and usually property

In large cities, the county recorder's office and the library branch closest to the site you are investigating may also have information that dates back as far as you may need, but it might be a bit more difficult to access than in a small town.

When doing your research be sure to bring along a notebook and several pens, or a laptop with a cord or very long- lasting battery, and a great deal of change for the photocopy machine.

Research that is done in the form of interviews can be quite productive if you know whom to ask. In small communities the residents of the local retirement or nursing home can often be the just the people you need to speak to.

These older folks have knowledge of events that can stretch very far back in time, often re-told to them by their parents and sometimes by their grandparents.

Please note: When speaking to these elderly individuals, they should at all times to be treated with the utmost respect.

While they may have known the individual who is suspected of being responsible for a haunting, be careful how you communicate such things to them. They were brought up in a different time and may have strict religious backgrounds or views that consider ghosts to extremely taboo.

Also, please be sensitive when discussing anything related to the subject of
death, as it can be a particularly unpleasant topic for the aged.

            Some of the views expressed in the above article DO NOT  necessarily express the views or opinion of Ghost Hunters Incorporated.

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Disclaimer: Ghost Hunters Incorporated  guarantees that all evidence collected is not altered or modified. All audio recordings, photos, etc. are  presented to the client as we obtained them. We use Wavepad only to remove the "hissing" sound & to amplify the audio. Clients can review evidence pertaining to their case at anytime upon request. Registered & Protected


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