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    First of all there are three (3) proven ways to gather "ghost" recordings on tape or digital voice recorders.
Lay the unit down with MIC extended, ask a few questions & walk away for 20 minutes or so.
     2). This time lay the unit down & stay there asking questions, pausing for a response.  This is the most popular method used among paranormal investigators.

    3). Gently carry the recorder around with you as you walk. Stop & ask a question, pause for an answer then move on to the next location.

  First of all let me start out by saying that there are 3 classes of EVP's.

    They are 1). Class A 2). Class B  3). Class C.
    1). Class A: The voices are understood by all that listen.  The words are actually somewhat loud & clear.
    2). Class B:  Voices cannot be deciphered clearly & tones are very low as well hard to understand 2). Class B: 
    3). Class C: Voices are extremely faint & almost completely incomprehensible.

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