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Allen Wolfshadow -- Founder and Director
Hi,I'm Allen Wolfshadow...Founder/Director of Ghost Hunters Incorporated. When I'm not on an investigation, I work at a local school district in the custodial department. I am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, W.V.U. Mountaineers, St.Louis Cardinals. I have a daughter, Crystal 31, a son Shawn 27. I am Tsalagi(Cherokee)Blood, I dance in American Indian Gatherings known as Pow-wows. I served in the U.S. Marines Corp as a Marine Infantryman aka Grunt. I am also a licensed amateur(ham)radio operator & have talked over the world to countries such as Moldova,Spain,European Russia,Ireland to name a few.
Mike Morris -- Assistant Director/Paranormal Lecturer
A LittIe About Mike: I have a degree in computer science, though I no longer work in the computer field. I work in a steel foundry, I know every job in the plant so I am everything from a moulder to a melter.
I am married for 26 years, I have 3 children and 1 grand child. Hobbies includes reading (mostly physcology and paranormal), fishing, traveling with my wife, or watching my pittsburgh steelers.
We at the Ghost Hunters Incorporated team feel that Mike is a big asset to our team with his previous experience that he brings with him from a previous paranormal team that he was associated with. Mike is the assistant director as well as our paranormal lecturer. Mike also helps us with the field testing of the new ghost hunting gagets, like parabolioc micropnhone, the ghost box, & other new technical paranormal gadgets.

Nancy Miller -- Case Co-Ordinator
Our case co-ordinator & investigator, Nancy can make sure all your concerns & questions will be answered to the best of her knowledge. She'll ask you all the proper interview questions to see if your case may or may not qualify for an investigation. Her main interest is EVP's & conducting "Ghost Box"sessions. She's not just the teams case co-ordinator but she's also the love of my life! She is also the person that does all the research & all other work that requires her unique patience & abilities. Nancy is a custodian at a local school district.
Lisa Miller -- Investigator and Empath
Lisa Miller
Lisa is our investigator/empath. She has some spiritual friends that seems to always find her. We think that she's just one heck of a good empath.
When Lisa isn't on an investigation,she is styling hair(she's a great stylist)& she's furthering her education.

Scott Miller -- Tech Manager and Investigator-in-Training
Scott Miller our technical manager. When Scott is not out with the team on an investigation, he's busy at work as a computer tech.
Jaisana Miller -- Junior Investigator/Photography/Researcher
  Jaisana Miller... is our Junior Investigator & granddaughter as well. Her speciality is photography & reasearch. Jaisana is really helpful when it comes to research & investigations.


Al Black -- Investigator
My name is Al Black! Im a 63 year old male born and raised in the coal regions
of Altoona Pa.
My hobbies well I only have one really and that would be
Bass fishing tournaments, I have been doing that for 12 years now,and would not give it up for the world.
As far as the Paranormal end of it,my 1st experience was while
I was in Vietnam. I will never forget the day it happend,we were on a search &
destroy mission,to destroy an ammo dump, that day I was up on point the lead man,when all of a suden a young Marine came out of no where, a young Black man and told me not to go any farther that I was walking into an ambush.
I thanked the young Marine and said come back with me to report to the 2nd Lt. and when I turned around he was gone. I only knew him as Johnson.
Well I told my 2nd LT what was waiting up ahead. And I told him how I found out and did I see the Viet Cong.
I told him the story and he sent me back to our base camp with 2 other Marines I guess he didn't trust me no more.
I asked him why he was doing that and he answered,"Because that young Marine that told you that was killed
3 days ago in the same area." I will never forget that day.
Kerri Schultz -- Investigator
My name is Kerri L. Schultz!
I am an investigator with Ghost Hunters Inc. team.  Also I have been doing Spiritual Psychic Readings for more than 10 years.
My psychic abilities include clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), and I am a medium for the Spirit Realm. I also possess a powerful gift of Insight. Insight, as defined in the dictionary, is the ability to gain an accurate and intuitive understanding of something. I use my gift to spiral into the heart of your issues and concerns and are able to see, not only psychically, but insightfully into your situations. Being with the Ghost Hunters Inc.team has allowed me to be on "the other side of the fence" so to speak by allowing me to view the spirit world through the eyes of a paranormal investigator
Carol Macomber -- Investigator-in-Training
Here's a little about Carol

I've been fascinated by the paranormal all my life,but never did much about it except read books about hauntings like The End of Borley Rectory by Harry Price, Hans Holzer's Ghost Hunter or Charlie Adams ghost book series. Then the "Ghost Hunters" TV series started and I knew that this was something I wanted to do. So I began exploring ghost-hunting groups in Pennsylvania, and that's how I found Ghost Hunters Incorporated! The biggest competitor for the time I spend with Ghost Hunters Inc. is my home business, which consists of French-into-English translations for individuals and companies, and English copyediting for publishers and people who have written novels, articles, bios, or student essays, etc. I'm also a part-time tutor in English, French, Writing and Microsoft/Excel programs.

My favorite hobby is exploring Pennsylvania--I love to take road trips to new towns and places I haven't seen before. Let me know if you'd like to join me.


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