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Until now, ghost hunters relied on modern equipment and high-tech gadgetry to hunt spirits and then attempt in-depth background research by plodding through low-tech methods and tedious trips to libraries, historical societies and archives. No more plodding! Now, computer friendly, in-depth research can be accomplished on a 24/7 basis, because the Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources provides exact Internet addresses and precise tutorials for using dozens of free, legal and public Internet sites that have the information paranormal investigators need: When and where a person died. Locate graves and cemeteries. Find nicknames, abbreviations, name translations and origins. Communicate in the vocabulary of the ghost. Read and date old-style handwriting. Research shipwrecks and natural disasters. Access the life of a ghost in the U.S. Census: 1790 to 1940. Ghosts that are African, Slave, Freedmen, Immigrant and Indentured Servant. Lumberjack, Pirate, Waiter or Witch? Occupations and associations. Get the facts about haunted or stigmatized property. Determine a ghost’s wealth and lifestyle. Apparition or Hallucination? Facts on drugs, medication, food and lifestyle interactions. Client’s personal history records. Does your client have a hidden agenda? Ownership and tax history of haunted property. … And more. Access and how-to use these crucial Internet databanks is free and legal in the book: Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox. www.ElizabethEaganCox.net

Here's just a few of the reviews from actual paranormal investigators for Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources:
    1).I’ve spent twenty years researching paranormal cases across the country. Some cases have taken months or even years to gather all the information and history I required. The Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources reveals techniques that can reduce the investigation time from years to days and months to hours. Anyone will be a well-informed researcher with the help of the Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources.~Nathan Schoonover – The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show and Extreme Paranormal. Visit Nathan's Website: http://www.ghostanddemon.com
   2). Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources is not only a great book for ghost hunters, but it is great for anyone who is looking for a deceased relative or friend, and genealogy. It has a great amount of resources, and is an all-around great book for everyone. ~Jake McCullough – S.N.A.P.T., Super Natural and Paranormal Team. Visit Jake's Website: http://www.snapt.org/ 
   3).Research is the KEY to success for many of our investigations. Elizabeth Eagan-Cox provides that key, and opens the door to all levels of communication and methods I would have never thought of. ~Scott Wise – Lead Investigator, Ghost and Spirit Paranormal "GASP" Visit Scott at his new Ghost and Spirit Paranormal site (GASP): http://gasparanormal.ucoz.net/
   4). Never in the twenty-four years of being a paranormal researcher and investigator have I ever found such an amazingly comprehensive source of information into how to research persons and locations for use in my paranormal investigations. Plus, I will also be using the resources from Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources to find missing information on my own families ancestry. This book is a vital resource for any paranormal investigation team to use. ~ Sandy Wells – Dark Moon Rising Radio and TV host and Small Town Paranormal. Visit Sandy at Dark Moon Rising Radio/Tv Website: http://www.dmrrtv.com/Home.html 
    5). I found that the Ghost Hunters Research Guide to Free Internet Sources is a wealth of information. As the founder and director of Ghost Hunters Incorporated, I’ve used many sources, but this is the best! This is a great book for any paranormal team.~Allen Wolfshadow – Founder & Director, Ghost Hunters Incorporated. Visit Allen at the Ghost Hunters Incorporated website: http://ghicasefiles.ucoz.net  & www.ghosthuntersinc.net  
    6). An easy guide to help families across the states find lost ones whether they are in the past or present. A simple tool for paranormal investigators to help in researching spirits and haunting specific locations. ~Kurt Smith – Host of Paranormal Investigators Radio "PIR." Visit Kurt at the P.I.R. Website: http://www.pirradio.com/ 

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