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Code of Conduct
1. We will not enter any building or area alone, nor will we abandon any other team member and allow them to remain alone. We will always be in the company of at least one other member. If during the course of an investigation, any team member has cause to leave, the other team member (s) will also leave, without hesitation and escort them out of the area, residence or business.

2. We will not harass or harm any members or person(s) at any investigation, meeting, or other team function.

3. Neither violence or theft will NOT tolerated in Ghost Hunters Inc. Engaging in either will be cause for immediate termination from Ghost Hunters Inc and will also cooperate in any law enforcement or legal investigation due to such an act, should the need require. Any individual that engages in such conduct will be solely and wholly responsible for any legal proceedings that they may incur.

4. Ghost Hunters Inc. holds no responsibility towards members that may be injured during the course of an investigation, meeting, or team related functions.

5. We will act professionally during an investigation. If an entity is spotted or someone is touched by an entity, we will not act in a manner typical to most. We will not act in such a manner as to exhibit unprofessional behavior in any way. We will wait until the activity ceases, attempt to either find or contact another Team Member, Founder/Director, Assistant Director, or Case Coordinator, and record the activity
as best we can. Any person(s) caught acting unprofessional will be removed from the investigation. In the event we need to remove ourselves from the area, we will relay the occurrence to another team member for documentation.

6. We will not swear or use vulgar language while ANY property or business owner is present. When in the presence of a property owner, client, or anyone else involved in an investigation, we will listen to the stories and not wander away from someone speaking. We will also ensure that we respond accordingly and not in a demeaning manor as to affect the professionalism of the team.

7. Any personal equipment that is brought on an investigation will be the responsibility that of the owner. In the event it is an audio recording, video recording or any picture(s) & audio recordings will be turned over to Ghost Hunters Inc, and all rights given to them.

8. Cell phones are allowed by team members! If you choose to carry a cell phone during the course of an investigation, it will be turned OFF prior beginning the active investigation. Ghost Hunters Inc. will make every attempt to insure the proper equipment is supplied prior to beginning an investigation.

9. We will only wear approved attire to any investigation, to include identification provided by Ghost Hunters Inc, and any other identification required by local law enforcement agencies.

10. Only active members in good standing of Ghost Hunters Inc will be allowed on investigations, meetings or team functions unless prior approval is obtained from the Founder/Director, Assistant Director and/or Case Coordinator before beginning the investigation, meeting, or team function.
11. All evidence such as: Video, Audio, Photographs etc, on any investigation will remain the property of Ghost Hunters Inc. and remain confidential until posted on our Website. Any findings will only be discussed between Ghost Hunters Inc. members only and no discussion of any case will be allowed outside of the team, especially if it may compromise the anonymity of a client.
12. We will be respectful of other team members’ beliefs and observations. We will not criticize or be disrespectful of another team member, especially during the course of an investigation.

13. We will NOT trespass on any property. We will obtain & have on hand all proper permission grants from land, property, & business owners, In case it is needed for City, State, or County Law Enforcement agencies where required, and written forms will be secured where possible prior to any investigation.

14. Before posting any private information about an investigation on our web site or other publication we will first obtain the permission of the client and will abide by their wishes for disclosure as per our Confidently & Release Form.

15. We will not provide a label of "haunted” until all evidence is reviewed by Ghost Hunters Inc. In the event substantial activity is found or documented, it may be necessary for Ghost Hunters Inc. to enlist the assistance of another reputable paranormal organization for possible verification of evidence. All confidentiality will be maintained to include anonymity of the client if they so desire.

16. As a paranormal investigative team we will not claim to be able to rid an area of any possible entity or presence. In the event a client wishes the property "cleansed”, Ghost Hunters Inc. will perform a cleansing at the location and/or contact of someone capable and qualified to perform such an act.

17. NO team member or their guest will be allowed to participate on any investigation, meeting, or team function while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any member that is found to be impaired while on an investigation, meeting, or team function, will be terminated from the team function or location immediately! Also, we reserve the right NOT to investigate any location in which we have reasonable suspicion to believe the clients are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

18. We need to have constant contact with all members either by phone or email. This is needed in order to ensure that we have the possibility to contact all members if needed for scheduling, change in scheduling, meetings and investigations. Any member not heard from or attends an investigation, meeting or other team activity for over 90 consecutive days will be placed on the inactive investigator list, and after 14 months of inactivity will be removed from the teams' membership roster. Unless special permission is granted to that team member by the Founder/Director, Assistant Director, & Case Coordinator.

19. Any media requests will be referred to the Founder/Director, Assistant Director, Case Coordinator & Public Relations/Media Liaison(when that person is assigned).

20. All equipment and evidence is the property of Ghost Hunters Inc., and shall only used in a manner consistent with the investigation. Any misuse of Equipment resulting in damage will be the responsibility of the member to whom which is was assigned, or the member which had possession of the equipment while damaged or lost.

21. The Ghost Hunters Inc. Code of Conduct shall be used in conjunction with the Bylaws of Ghost Hunters Incorporated.


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