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One can never make a blanket statement about the activities of
spirits. Remember were dealing with individuals and like you
and me...Their all different too.

We seldom worry about whether or not the people we meet will
follow us home. The same principle hold true and usually can be
apply to ghosts.

Ghosts have to be approached one by one. Beings their all
different, most ghosts have a reason to be wherever they happen
to be.

Sometimes it is unfinished business from when they were alive

For some, they haunt a given area because of a traumatic event
or a quick and unexpected death. Other, perhaps are afraid to
move on and stay at the location they feel most comfortable in.

None the less, they all have a different reason to be where
we find them. Additionally, ghosts need an anchor, a point of
attachment as most humans do - a place to call home.

Ghosts don't tend to be nomadic or are known to roam, wandering
from one place to the next as if they were a homeless person
or a drifter.

Each and every location you investigate will always be filled
with the unknown, But I can say over several decade of paranormal
investigation and research, and coming in contact of all types
of unknowns...neither I nor anyone on any of my investigative
teams has ever had anything follow them home.

The preliminary investigation can often answer the question
before hand as to whether or not a spirit will follow you
anywhere. Every site is different, so use your common sense
and plan each investigation before starting.

After all, there are no "guarantees" in paranormal investigating.

In conclusion, it is extremely doubtful a ghost will follow you
home. As I mentioned before each are different. Some have
different abilities, some may go wherever they choose.

Others are stuck at the location they haunt and couldn't
follow you if they wanted. But most are at the location they
haunt for a reason, and we the living aren't it.

It's never a bad idea to say a prayer prior to an investigation
I always do, a little added armor doesn't hurt...

   Some of the views expressed in the above article DO NOT necessarily express the views or opinion of Ghost Hunters Incorporated. 

   Disclaimer: Ghost Hunters Incorporated guarantees that all evidence collected is not altered or modified. All audio recordings, photos, etc. are presented to the client as we obtained them. We use Wavepad only to remove the "hissing" sound & to amplify the audio. Clients can review evidence pertaining to their case at anytime upon request


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