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Can Psychedelic Drugs Help us Speak to Aliens?

     Scientific research with the powerful psychedelic drug DMT reliably produces alien contact experience. A primary chemical ingredient in ayahuasca--the hallucinogenic jungle juice commonly used in the Amazon--is called dimethyltryptamine, or DMT.
Fascinating research has been done with this remarkable psychedelic substance, with results that seem far more astonishing than any science fiction.

      It appears that DMT has the extraordinary power to open up an interdimensional portal into another universe--often referred to as "hyperspace”--and to reliably allow us to establish contact with the intelligent beings who reside there.
DMT is a profound mystery in many ways.
    One of the strangest puzzles in all of nature revolves around the fact that DMT is naturally found in the human body--as well as in many species of animals and plants--and no biochemist knows what it does, or what function it might serve, in any of these places.
Because natural DMT levels tend to rise while we’re asleep at night, a role in dreaming has been suggested. But this is pure speculation, and even if true, it may also do much more.
    According to reports from many users, DMT has psychedelic effects of such strength and magnitude that it easily dwarfs the titanic quality of even the most powerful LSD trips. 
   With the proper dosage, DMT appears to transport one into an entirely new world--a world that seems far more bizarre than our wildest imaginings, and yet, is somehow also strangely familiar.

   Psychiatric researcher Rick Strassman, who conducted a five year study with DMT at the University of New Mexico, has suggested that naturally-elevated DMT levels in the brain may be responsible for such unexplained mental phenomena as spontaneous mystical experiences, near-death experiences, non-human entity contact, and schizophrenia.

  Strassman and others have even gone so far as to speculate about the possibility that elevated DMT levels in the brain might be responsible for ushering the soul into the body before birth, and out of the body after death.
But perhaps what’s most interesting about DMT is that, with great consistency, it appears to allow human beings to communicate with other intelligent life forms.

   I’ve personally experienced this numerous times myself, and honestly don’t know what to make of these experiences.
When I interviewed Strassman, I asked him if he thought that there was an objective reality to the worlds visited by people when they’re under the influence of DMT, and if he thought that the entities that so many people have encountered on DMT actually have an independent existence or not.

  Strassman replied:

    "I myself think so. My colleagues think I’ve gone woolly-brained over this, but I think it’s as good a working hypothesis as any other. I tried all other hypotheses with our volunteers, and with myself. The "this is your brain on drugs” model; the Freudian "this is your unconscious playing out repressed wishes and fears;” the Jungian "these are archetypal images symbolizing your unmet potential;” the "this is a dream;” etc.”
   ”Volunteers had powerful objections to all of these explanatory models--and they were a very sophisticated group of volunteers, with decades of psychotherapy, spiritual practice, and previous psychedelic experiences. I tried a thought-experiment, asking myself, "What if these were real worlds, and real entities? Where would they reside, and why would they care to interact with us?” This led me to some interesting speculations about parallel universes, dark matter, etc. All because we can’t prove these ideas right now (lacking the proper technology) doesn’t mean they should be dismissed out of hand as incorrect."

   A 2006 scientific paper by computer scientist Marko A. Rodriguez called "A Methodology for Studying Various Interpretations of the N,N-dimethyltryptamine-Induced Alternate Reality” explores how to possibly determine if the entities experienced by people on DMT are indeed independently-existing, intelligent beings, or just projections of our hallucinating brains.
Rodriguez suggests a test that involves asking the entities to perform a complex mathematical task involving prime numbers to verify their independent existence. 

   While it seems like a long shot that this method could lead to fruitful results, I think that any serious speculation about establishing communication channels with these mysterious beings is constructive.
   Strassman’s work could mark the beginning of a new scientific field that systematically explores the possibility of communicating with higher dimensional entities, and this might prove to be a more fruitful endeavor for establishing extraterrestrial contact than the SETI project.
What they may be able to teach us, we can only imagine.
To learn more about DMT research see Rick Strassman’s remarkable book DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

By Stephen Wagner @ 
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