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For our case in Littlestown, the family wishes to remain anonymous.

We received a call from a family in Littlestown requesting our services. Apparently there was a little boy who was being bothered by an unseen force. The family noticed him in his bedroom holding a conversation with someone who wasn't there.

The family called us because they had picked up a strange voices on there cellphone recorder, which was while their boy was having that conversation.

Anyone in the paranormal groups know that when a child is involved, that takes precedence over all other cases.

I myself, Scott, and our newest member, Don, went the following evening for a prescreening interview. While the client filled out our questionaire, we were shown where the hotspots. We normally don't take our equipment for prescreens, but figured while we were there we could take some photos and Don set-up his H-8 in the boys bedroom.

When reviewing photos and video, we saw what could possibly be orbs and caught a loud knock right by the the digital recorder.

To see this evidence and the evidence from the actual investigation, click on links below.

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