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Paranormal Cases
     1). On Saturday April 28,2012...Ghost Hunters Incorporated will be investigating a private residence in Kutztown,Pa. This is a priority case involving a 2 yr. old child.
 Claims of Paranormal Activity: 1). Client has heard a little girl giggle. 2). In teen daughter's bedroom, a picture frame suddenly was knocked off the tv stand. this was witnessed by both mother & daughter. 3). The child's toys have been moved after being put away for the night, as if another child was playing with them. 4). Client heard a youg child talking in the 2 yr.old's room,but the 2 yr. was not in the room. 5). Client saw what appeared to be a small boy wearing overalls an barefooted sitting in the living room in a rocking chair. INVESTIGATOR'S NOTE: the 2 yr old was talking to the chair. There are other paranormal events associated with this case to numerous to mention here.



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