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   Paranormal investigating is a lot more than just the TV shows. Now, if you think you know what I mean by that, make sure. In the past 6-7 years, new paranormal research teams have sprouted up by the hundreds. Much of their education comes exclusively from shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventurers, etc.
  Now, this wouldn't really be bad thing if weren't for the fact that they often try to investigate homes as well as haunted battlefields, bridges and ruins. Now the problem is not the ghost hunters themselves. More often than not, they are simply unaware of the fact that better educational opportunities are even out there. Most of the celebrities on these TV shows would tell you not to use their shows as training.
  There are real dangers when going into house and not truly knowing what you are encountering. Psychological dangers in regard to the family. Many ghost hunters have been known to stop by a home, tell them its a portal and a demon and then never come back. They are unaware that there are organizations out there who have existed for more than 100 years! Groups with thousands of cases under their belts and volumes of case studies on how to investigate, what ghosts might be, ESP and psychic activity, and more!
   They are a real field of study – parapsychology. Soon, for the 1st time in more than 25 years, a new certification program in parapsychology will be given out by American Institute in Parapsychology (or AIP at At some point everyone has to ask themselves, "why am I doing this?” The AIP can help you be more.

By Vince Wilson


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